The BIGGEST SECRET to Monetizing Your Activism Website

great changes chaosHave you tried to monetize your activism website before without success?

I know I did. Several times.

If I had known this secret, it would have saved me a lot of headache and heartache. And it may be the same for you.

You see, the reason you were unable to succeed had nothing to do with you.

The reason was not that you are not committed. The reason was not that you are incapable. The reason was that you missed the most important step in the process of marketing your site.

At least, that was my reason.

Not knowing this important marketing secret in advance doomed me to failure. Again and again. When I finally got it. After reading and researching about successful online entrepreneurs, I was pretty blown away. It is so simple, yet it had eluded me.

This is the biggest secret to monetizing your activism website is:

Marketing starts at the development stage.

excitedWhat this literally means is that you must build a product or service that is so amazing – it will sell itself. Of course, you will need to get your product to your customers through other methods of new media marketing at a later date, when the product or service is fully developed. But here and now, you must create a product or service that will sell itself.

Once you’ve determined what your product or service will be, you will enact the next marketing steps to ensure your customer can find it. One of those steps is to have a website that is purposeful and brutally clear.

For activists with established websites, this presents an opportunity (or problem, depending on how you look at it). You may need to re-create your website. This is something I will cover in a later post.

As customers of the internet age, we now demand exactly what we need, right this moment, at the click of a button. This is intentional marketing. If you create a product or service that solves someone’s problem right now, you have built marketing into your product development.

But how will you know if your product solves a problem? How do you determine the correct niche market(s) you should be targeting?

There are 4 ELEMENTS to creating a product or service that will BLOW MINDS.

I get into this more in my upcoming ebook “How To Make Digital Activism Your Full-time Job” but this is a little primer for you.

The 4 Elements are:

  1. Identify and Define Your Audience: Who are they and what are their lives like?
  2. Determine What They Need (right now): What is their deepest desire? What is the biggest problem they have right now that you can solve for them?
  3. Create an AMAZING Product or Service that Solves Their Problem: Just do it.
  4. Continuously Improve Based On Their Feedback: Advocate to yourself on behalf of the customer to ensure the customer is getting the best possible product or service. (Believe me, you will argue with yourself but go with the advocate’s advice.)

Marketing begins at product development with “How will I solve problems in an amazing way?” and it never ends. You must continually improve your product or service, if you want to compete in the digital world of instant gratification. 

Once you’ve created an amazing product, you are ready to learn the second biggest secret to monetizing your activism website. I will write about that next.

Please share your experiences in the comments below. Did this article help you discover why previous attempts to finance your activism didn’t work? Or did you already have an amazing product? This is only one part of the formula. Subscribe to learn more.

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