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New Media Marketing

The Biggest Secret to Monetizing Your Activism Website

How to Create a Digital Media Strategy

Free Downloads

Social Media Strategy Checklist

Social Media Resources (Links to Free Tools)

Traditional Media Techniques Worth Considering

Temporarily Available!
How to Create a Social Media Strategy Using New Media Marketing Techniques (I am looking for feedback before releasing this for sale. This is your chance to get a free early edition!)

Traditional Public Relations

How to Write a Press Release

How to Be Interviewed by the Media

The 7 Habits of Highly Successful Public Relations Professionals

Follow My Journey:

Introduction: As “Public Relations” Dies

The Supreme Goal of this Journey

Building My Activism Business Around My Passions

An Activists Formula to Identifying Niche Audiences

How to Build a Free Activism Website in Blogger

Wickedly Cool Activism Entities on the Web

Films for Action
For People Who Want to Change the World

Trace My Shadow
Use this tool to see which traces you leave online, and explore ways to mitigate them

Tactical Technology Collective
An International Organisation Dedicated to the use of Information in Activism

Global Network of Social Entrepreneurs

Solutions Institute
Cost-free, Professional Consulting and Resources for Activists

Peace Requires Anarchy Blog
Created to advocate peace and to educate people about the violent nature of many widely accepted acts


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